Yamamoto HA-02

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Ex-Display Model

Vacuum tube: Only WE408A 2 tubes 

Circuit system: Single stage amplification, pentode connection, and non-feedback system /

Maximum output : 300mW (at the time of 50ohm load) of headphone terminals, 240mW (at the time of 8-ohm load) of speaker terminals

Frequency characteristic: 30-21,000Hz (headphone terminal) 45-17,000Hz (speaker terminal) 

Gain: Headphone output power 9.5dB (at the time of 50-ohm load) Speaker output power: 1.5dB (at time of 8-ohm load)

Remains noise: 100 microvolts of headphone output power 70 microvolts of speaker output power

Outside dimension: 150 (W) 325 (D) 125 (H) 

Weight: 3.5kg