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Custom Molded Ear Sleeves for Standard Earphones

Customise your standard in-ear earphones with Snugs ear sleeves, a made-to-measure solution to match the unique shape and size of your ears.Snugs are made of soft silicone, to exactly fit your ears and in-ear headphones, by expert lab technicians. Similar to those used by professional musicians, presenters and racing car drivers for years, Snugs have made this technology and the benefits it brings affordable and accessible.

Snugs are bespoke and therefore offer the best fit and outstanding comfort. The air-tightness of fit gives over 30dB of noise isolation, the best sound quality at a lower volume and low external sound bleed. Using Snugs tips will make your favourite earphones sound even better, breathing new life into your listening experience.

“The Snugs product is beyond reproach. They’re top-quality, made by professionals, using the same tools used to create in-ear monitors for professional musicians.”  - Trusted Reviews

  • Never fall out however active you are
  • Superb isolation from external noise
  • Always comfortable however long you wear them
  • Unrivalled sound for the best listening experience of your life

Unlock the full potential of your earphones with Snugs custom ear tips.


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