Shanling M0 Portable Music Player

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Introducing Shanling M0 - Better Performance, Smaller Size. 

Currently available in black only. Other colors will be pre-ordered.


Features: Specification size: 40*135*45mm  Screen: 1.54 inch 240*240 high definition touch screen

Weight: about 33g  DAC model: ESS Sabre ES9218P  Endurance: about 15 hours (depending on the use)

Deep standby: about 30 days (depending on the situation)

Charging time: about 2 hours (depending on the use)

Battery capacity: 640mAH lithium battery

Storage: maximum support 512G TF Card (to buy)

Output port: headset output (3.5 mm)

Output power: 80mw@ 32 Europe  Output impedance: 0.16 Europe

Channel separation degree: 70dB  Recommended earphone impedance: 8-300 Europe  Frequency effect: 20HZ~20KHz (-0.5dB)  Distortion: 0.004% (A-Weighting, output 500mV)  Signal to noise ratio: 118dB (A-Weighting)

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