Shanling L1 Line Out Cable

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Gold Plated 3.5MM Plug

Compared with the ordinary gold-plated plug surface, all the parts of the plug selected by Shanling, and all use the special treatment of thick gold-plated, signal transmission without interruption and low distortion

10 Step Manufacturing

The metal shell is polished by injection moulding, CNC cutting, acyl washing, polishing and other processes, and is matched with a 3.5mm thick gold-plated plug to achieve better-detailed performance.

High-quality cable, Japan Furukawa silver-plated copper wire

Each high-purity copper silver-plated lineout cable is composed of 4 shares,7 cores per share, and each core contains 26 silver-plated outer core, shielding layers composed of silver-plated shielding nets.



Model:Shanling L1

Type:3.5mm to 3.5mm

length:10±1 cm

Material:  High-purity silver-plated copper

Wire diameter:Single core 30AW