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OE Audio 2Dual OFC Upgrade Cable

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OE Audio 2Dual OFC MMCX/2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Earphone Upgrade Cable 


  • Nexans, Made in Germany High-Purity OFC Wire with ≤8PPM Oxygen Content
  • Teflon Insulated Inner Cords
  • Super Low Dielectric Constant 
  • Medical Grade TPU Coating
  • Ultra Soft & Skin Contact Friendliness

To achieve a perfect sound performance, both the quality of the raw material and the process of manufacturing are considered important. We spend months of seeking for the suitable material and finally we choose Nexans as our material provider. We customized a diamond die for cabling that insures the smoothness of the surface of the raw cable which eliminates the loss of the high frequency signals. 

The inner cords of the cable are Teflon insulated and has a low dielectric constant that makes the capacity between the cables less, resulting a clear and a transparent sound.

The overall sound of the 2DualOFC cable is more concentrated on delivering a sound that is original with a fully improved performance of the transparency of the high frequency, details, and the flexibility of the bass.

No-Earhook design achieved by ultra softness of the cable

Auricle-Fitting, comfortable and skin contact friendliness 

A thinker layer of gold is platted on the connectors to augment the performance of bass and ensuring the sound performance




After spilt:45+/-2cm

Conductor: high purity OFC

Coating: PU/Teflon

Available Connector:


2Pin 0.78mm

Available Plug:


2.5mm balanced

4.4mm balanced