Lotoo PAW 5000 MKII

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The PAW 5000 is a highly musical portable music player designed for audiophiles on the move. This digital music player supports all major lossless and standard music files and conveys engaging and accurate sound in a solid and attractive design.

Embedded in the core of the PAW 5000 is a high performance Blackfin 514 digital signal processor that prepares the digital signal before it reaches the DAC section for fast and accurate conversion into the analogue signal. This processor is also in charge of running the operating system with fast start-up and navigation and low power consumption.

PAW 5000 is a highly versatile player equipped with S/PDIF line-out connection for Hi-Fi equipment and balanced 2.5mm output to provide connection for balanced headphones and earphones. Bluetooth connection option offers wireless sound transfer for Bluetooth enabled headphone and speakers.

Lottoo PAW 5000 supports multiple music formats including DSD, FLAC, WAV, AAC, ALAC, MP3, WMA, M4A, CUE and APE and more. For fast and accurate file transfer via computers the PAW 5000 has been fitted with a high-speed USB 3.0 port. Supports both micro SDHC and micro SDXC cards up to 2TB the PAW 5000 offers storage for thousands of albums.

The Lotoo PAW 5000 includes a parametric EQ (PMEQ) and Lotoo™'s proprietary ATE (Acoustic Timbre Embellisher) voicing algorithm. ATE uses DSP technology to apply Lotoo™'s studio-quality filters to the PAW 5000. The PMEQ or ATE can be used independently of each other but not both at the same time.


  • Lotoo PAW 5000 MKII
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  • File Format: DSD64/128/256 DFF / DSF / ISO / WAV / MP3 / FLAC / APE / OGG / M4A / AAC / ALAC / CUE 
  • Display: 2.0€ Colour OLED 
  • Processors: ADI Blackfin 514 DSP 
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth A2DP Stereo 
  • Amplifier Chip: TI OPA1622 
  • USB Connection: Super Speed USB 3.0 
  • Unit Size: 98 x 55 x 17.5 mm (W x H x D) 
  • DSD Sample Rate: DSD 2.8MHz / 5.6MHz / 11.2MHz PCM bit rate 32bit / 384kHz 
  • Firmware Upgrade: Support 
  • DAC Chip: AK4490EN 
  • Weight: 110g 
  • Battery Capacity: 1700mAH lithium polymer battery 
  • Storage: Micro SD ( Max. 2TB) 
  • Headphone Output Frequency Response: ±0.2dB (20~20kHz) 
  • THD + N: <0.0006%@1kHz (20~20kHz, A weighting) 
  • SNR: >114dB 
  • Output Level: +10.4 dBu 
  • Output Power: 130mW@32ohm per channel 
  • Channel Separation: <-118db br=""> Line Out Fequency response: ±0.2dB (20~20kHz) 
  • THD + N: <0.0004%@1kHz (A weighting) 
  • SNR: >116dB ( A Weighting) 
  • Output Level: +8.8 dBu 
  • Output Terminals: 3.5mm Headphone 
  • Channel Separation: <-118db p="">