Hippo Luxury Case

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The top of the line in Hippo's semi-hard case range. Originally designed for the demands of the HD800s, the case suits the largest in professional, hifi and high-end headphones. Keeping in mind the protection of fragile precision made parts, cable management and a soft interior to avoid scratches and superficial marks on even the most pristine of surfaces. Dimensions: 340mm x 270mm x 125mm

Perfect for but not limited to:

  • AKG Studio K series (Incl K271/K421/K701/K702/K712/K812 etc...)
  • Audeze LCD-XC/LCD 2/LCD 3/LCD 4/LCD X/EL-8
  • Audio-Technica R70x/Art Series/AD Series/AG1/ADG1/W Series
  • BeyerdynamicDT770/DT1770/DT880/DT990/DT1990/T70/T90/T1/T5p
  • Final Sonorous series (previously known as Pandora Hope)
  • Focal Elite/Utopia
  • Fostex TH series
  • Grado PS Series/GS Series
  • Hifi Man HE Series
  • Oppo PM 1/PM 2
  • Sennheiser HD598/HD558/HD600/HD650/HD700/HD800/HD800s
  • Shure SRH440/SRH840/SRH1440/SRH1540/SRh1840
  • Stax SR007/SR009