FitEar Air 2 Custom In-Ear Monitor

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The “FitEar Air” is powered by the cooperation of the robust yet superior 9mm dynamic type driver that receives supply from the Fostex Company, and the Balanced Armature type driver set to not lose its goodness. We embody the sound that has both the brightness and the freshness. We have received many evaluations so far. 

In "FitEar Air 2", we further deepened the Airflow control unique to FitEar accumulated in the previous developments, reviewed the internal design such as the mounting method of the driver, and aimed for a more profound sound.

*Must have an Australian residential address to order! Please contact us for more information! Please allow minimum 8 weeks to receive any custom IEM.*

Driver: Hybrid type (dynamic type and balanced armature type)

Cable: FitEar cable 007 3.5mm stereo mini plug