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Fischer Audio FA-003 High Edition + Free iBfree

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It's time to take a fresh look at familiar things: The Fischer Audio FA-003 headphones have been upgraded with the new drivers and a new headband design. It's time to present you: Inspired by the best sound systems of the past, Fischer Audio have applied the same principle to create a new line of headphones. Nevertheless the unique combination supermodern dynamic drivers FA-003 provides great comfort levels, detailed sound with excellent instrument separation, these headphones punch well above their weight. Highly recommended!
High-quality 42mm driver features composite mylar diaphragm. This improves accuracy and reduces distortion dramatically. Mid-range now sounds even more precise and tonally correct. Improved stiffness also helps to achieve higher level of resolution and dynamic range, preventing diaphragm from bending at volume extremes.
Part of the Fischer Audio Master series, the FA-003 is a premium, great sounding closed headphone that provides great comfort levels. Included is a protective storage case.The FA-003 soundstage is well-preserved with extremely precise localisation and three-dimensional feel to match many open-back headphones.
Closed acoustic design. Comfortable headband and deep ear-cushions reduce fatigue during long listening sessions. New metal yoke increases the housing reliability. The model comes with detachable 3 m cable, and 6.3mm adapter.