FiiO Q1 Portable Headphone Amp & DAC

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For the music lover looking for a high end music device to make headphone music quality better than ever, the Fiio Q1 is just for you. It is a high quality portable headphone amplifier and DA converter that features Texas Instrument’s premium PCM5102 DAC chip. This device has a high S/N ratio and low distortion intended for clearer sound. The high output current and minimal distortion and noise, altogether intends to give you the lifetime amplified experience.

Remarkable Construction:

The Fiio Q1 is a uniquely designed compact headphone amplifier device that spots high quality metal body and sandblasted exterior that assist in better handling and really effective electromagnetic shielding. Supporting sample rates of up to 96kHz/24bit, this device features plug-and-plug usage as sound output through the USB ports. It is an amazingly effective upgrade to any computer’s onboard sound card. It also includes a line input port that enables portably amplifying any audio source via a simple 3.5mm connection. The USB Q1 charging option acts as the key feature of this amplifier device.

Added Features:

The Fiio Q1 device comes with robust switches that assist in controlling high quality gain and bass circuits for customizing amplifying settings. Designed to satisfy multiple needs, it also includes Built-in Li-poly battery that ensures up to 30 hours of continuous playback at normal volumes.