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Apple MFi-Certified

You can use the Q1 II with the confidence that it will pair well with your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Supports 3.5mm and 2.5mm Balanced outputs

This versatile amp and DAC allows you to connect a 2.5 mm balanced cable (for greater balance and sound quality) or a 3.5 mm single jack cable

Hi-Resolution Audio

This is really your reason for using it, right? It takes the tinny production value of your phone or computer speakers and transforms it into rich, wide-ranging sound.

Long Life

FiiO has dedicated a lot of research into extending the battery life of its amps, and this one clocks in at just over 20 hours of battery life. Perfect for long listening sessions and taking the Q1 with you on the go.


  • DAC chip: AK4452
  • Battery Life:20 hours in AMP only mode and 10 hours in DAC mode