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Crystal Tips mould to the shape of your ear canal, providing the perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort and a secure fit for your earphones.

Crystal Tips remove more background noise than silicone tips and electronic noise cancellation. 

As well as having an anti-microbial coating that removes 99.99% of bacteria, Crystal Tips make it easier for you to look after your hearing. With less background noise you need less volume to drown out the world around you.

Bring back the thumping bass and crystal clear highs that are usually lost when listening to earphones.

With a special in-house coating, Crystal Tips are designed to be more rugged and last twice as long as other popular foam ear-tips on the markets whilst still matching comfort and isolation.

Small Borehole 
(e.g. Shure, Westone etc.)
Medium Borehole (e.g Audio-Technica, Beoplay etc.)

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