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One of the best DACs money can buy, includes an excellent headphone amp as well.

This thing sounds more than the price tag suggests!


DACmini™ is not just a USB DAC. DACmini is one of the world's highest-performing digital audio devices. Its precision-engineered audiophile circuitry is designed to elevate your system's sound quality to a new level. Featuring 192kHz/24-bit performance over SPDIF and 96kHz/24-bit, driverless performance over USB, an analog input, and both headphone and line-level outputs, DACmini is an extremely flexible device that can upgrade the performance of any audio system. It easily connects to such sources as a Mac desktop or laptop (including Mac mini), Windows desktop or laptop, music server, iPod/iPhone, Apple TV, Airport Express, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Squeezebox, providing a variety of ways to create an audiophile playback system.


Digital specs



24-bit (Also supports 16-bit)

Sample Rate

USB: Up to 96kHz, S/PDIF: Up to 192 kHz



USB1.1 or 2.0, driverless


Local clock

10 ppm precision, unmeasurable jitter



Any computer running Mac, PC, or Linux

Analog Specs


Nominal Output level

+6.0dBV (RCA outputs)


Frequency Response

20Hz...40kHz; +0.0dB / -0.1dB (Line or Digital inputs)


S/N Ratio: (A-wght)

144dB (Line inputs); 113dB (Digital inputs)



0.00022% (Line inputs); 0.001% (Digital inputs)



-128dB (Line inputs); 118dB (Digital inputs)


Output Impedance

25 Ohms (Line output); 1 Ohm (Headphone output)


Output Power

1.5W (total), drives 32...600 Ohm Headphone


Max Output level*

+13.5dBV (32 Ohms load)


+18.6dBV (300 Ohms load)


+19.0dBV (600 Ohms load)

* Listening to IEMs or other high sensitivity Headphone at maximum level may damage your hearing.

General Specs


Audio Output

Gold-plated RCA line-out, stereo 1/4" headphone out


Headphone Amp

Direct Class-A, no caps in the signal path


External Power

+9...+19V DC, wide choice of external power supplies


Internal power

Ground-isolated, ±15V, super-clean, dual analog rails


Unit Dimensions:

164 mm x 164 mm x 42 mm


Shipping weight:

1.7 kg