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Bower & Wilkins P3 series 2

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Presented by Bowers & Wilkins, the P3 Series 2 on-ear headphones is the latest version of the company’s prize-winning P3 headphones. Corresponding to the original, the P3 Series 2 is also devised towards the audiophile while travelling.

Innovative Design

The P3 Series 2 comes with a lightweight frame and pioneering folding mechanism, making it strong and comfortable. It has a hard shell carry case, in which, you can keep it safely when not in use. Exhibiting a premium black leather finish, the P3 Series 2 retains the portable and foldable features of the original P3 headphone. It is created with the use of finest materials that involves aluminium and sheep leather. These headphones are great for performance, luxury and durability. It comes with an attachment of remote/microphone that acts seamlessly with an iPhone and any other ‘universal’ cable.

Sublime Sound

The drive units of the Series 2 P3’s have been intended from the ground up to offer the amazing sound quality. Repositioned terminals control the airflow around the drive units in order to provide more direct and consistent sound.