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Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature Headphones

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Designed for people who love music. The P9's signature is conceived by Bowers & Wilkins engineering team in the Steyning Research Establishment in West Sussex, England. Founder by John Bowers, SRE is the heart of Bowers and Wilkins and the mind and soul that creates the products people love.

Engineered by Masters Of Sound

Optimised cabinet
P9 Signature's elegant earcups contain sophisticated acoustic cabinets perfected using Finite Element Analysis. Using composites and aluminium this optimised acoustic environment enables the drive unit to do its job of rendering your music with total percision.

Decoupled headband
P9 Signature's headband cleverly decouples each earcup. This stops unwanted vibration transmitting between each earcup and the headband. This removal of distortion is one of the reasons P9 Signature is so clear and open sounding.

Sound that exceeds all expecation
We've angled the drivers in the P9 Signature to provide a more natural experience. You will hear stereo more like it sounds in real life: aligned infront of you rather than to the side.

Exquisitely Crafted:

Saffiano Leather
P9 Signature's headband and ear cups are crafted from the finest Italian Saffiano leather by Scabrenta. It uses a 'stamping' technique that gives the leather a distinctive cross-hatch finish.

Alcantara carry case
P9 Signature's luxury case is the perfect partner for our flagship headphone. Dressed in Alcantara, the 100% made in Italy high tech luxury material, it will protect your investment and reflects its beauty.