Audirect Beam USB DAC/AMP

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Beam portable decoder Amp,Make the phone/computer transform into professional HIFI player

ES9118 DAC


Improve sound quality

Eliminate noise

Compact size

Do not need to charge

Powerful independent high performance DAC

ESS SoC core ES9118

Nosie ratio is 126dB,Total harmonic distortion plus noise-113dB,DAC support 32bit,dual sound, PCM32bit 384kHz and DSD128 decorder.

Strong power, support 300ohm earphone maximum

Beam's DAC belongs to ESS company of SoC core, not only have good decode ability, but also have an op amp ship.

Easily tuning, reject complex

The side of the DAC is equipped with a mobile phone volume adjustment button, which makes it easy to implement basic operations such as +/- volume

One step in place, standard silver-plated cable

Silver-plated cable has better conductivity and corrosion resistance than conventional cable

Reduce the cost of subsequent cable replacement

Small size and don't need to charge

BEAM has a small body, easy to carry and a utility power supply, don't worry about charging

Perfectly compatible with a variety of operating systems

IPhone/iPad/a series of iOS system/ Mac operation system

All kinds of Android mobile phone/pad/ car machine

Windows7/8/10 operating system computer

Using the critically acclaimed ESS patented 32-bit HyperStream® DAC architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the ES9118 delivers up to 125dB SNR and –114dB THD+N, a performance level that will satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiasts.

THD Compensation,Minimize distortion from external PCB components and layout


Output Power:-114dB TND+N, 2Vrms into 600Ω

                       -108dB THD+N, 49mW into 32Ω 1.1Vrms,up to 1.1Vrms

Frequency response:20-30000Hz(-0.15dB)


S/N ratio:+125dB SNR, +120dB DNR

Input supports PCM:PCM 16-32bit, 32-384KHz

Input supports DSD:DoP64, DoP128, Native DSD64/128/256

D/A Chips:ES9118 SABRE HiFi SoC


Amplifier Chips:ES9118

Input port:USB-C

Output Port:3.5mm

L W H:52x14x6mm



Audirect beam

Type-C to type-c cable

Type-C to lightning cable

Type-C to USB cable