Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT

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No wires, no loss. Redefining wireless audio, the Pure Digital Drive™ system reproduces the true sound quality of the music, delivering the original digital signal from source to driver without the need for D/A conversion that typically degrades sound quality.

When it comes to wireless headphones, there’s the misconception that you have to sacrifice audio quality – Audio-Technica aims to make this idea extinct. Bluetooth wireless technology has become more efficient with advancements in technology offering better transfer speed and range. Combining Bluetooth wireless technology, Near Field Communication, and Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote chipset, the ATH-DSR7BT deliver exceptionally pure sound with no compromise on quality or performance.

So how does it all work? By utilising Trigence Semiconductor’s Dnote chipset, the ATH-DSR7BT headphones are capable of receiving a Bluetooth wireless transmission, processing the digital audio signal and transferring it to the drivers where the digital pulses of the chipset move the voice coil and diaphragm forward and backward to create the sound waves heard by the listener. The Pure Digital Drive™ system likewise depends on re-engineered 45mm True Motion Drivers, which feature specially designed diaphragms and lightweight, bobbin-wound voice coils to deliver incredibly nuanced, high-resolution sound reproduction.