ACS Evoke Studio Universal In-ear Monitor

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The ACS Evoke Universal IEM utilises the same transducers and cable as our Custom model, combined with an all-new acrylic shell and soft ‘memory-foam’ ear tips to bring you a truly universal in-ear monitor. Whether used for listening to music, in the studio or on stage the Evoke Universal offers a convenient and affordable in-ear monitor option.


The latest technology

ACS has worked alongside Knowles Electronics to introduce their new Hybrid transducer technology to our ACS Evoke product. Knowles Electronics have combined elements of their existing balanced armature transducers with those of a more traditional dynamic loudspeaker, giving you a dynamic high quality In-Ear Monitor. Many who have listened to them do not believe such a broad and detailed sound is possible from a single driver IEM.

ce @ 1KHz: 50 Ohms 

Isolation: 26 dB 1KHz 

Sensitivity: 105.5dB @ 0.1 V 

Weight: 13g Net | Average weight will vary according to ear size 

Build Material: Acrylic shell 

Mould Type: Universal fit 

Standard Colour: Range of colour options available