Astell&Kern AK70

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The AK70's DAC, based on market-proven CS4398 chips of Cirrus Logic, has been used for years in Hi-Fi audios and the second-generation Astell&Kern devices.

The AK70 plays back 24bit 192kHz signals into bit-to-bit type.

32bit audio is downsampled using a sample-rate converter. In addition, DSD 64/128 can be played back through conversion to PCM.

The AK70 supports the 2.5-mm 4-pole balanced output (2.3 Vrms) that has been in use since the second generation of the Astell&Kern players.

Unlike the unbalanced type, the balanced output type is capable of removing noise (common mode noise) that can occur in “signal + inverting amplifier signal” and has the strength of increasing output due to its double transmitting signals.

The AK70 can be used with a variety of balanced earphones and headphones made for Astell&Kern. It can also support the 3.5-mm 3-pole unbalanced output (2.3 Vrms), with compatibility with a variety of Hi-Fi earphones and headphones.

The AK70 can allow users to rip CDs with ease by linking with the AK CD-RIPPER.

By inheriting from the AK500N, it supports the CD track error correction feature and the meta data (ID3TAG) auto input feature using Gracenote's database without any change.


Slim & Simple Design (0.5 Inch Thickness, 4.66oz Weight)

Single Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC

2.5mm Balanced Output & 3.5mm Single Ended

USB Audio Output Supported - A First Among Astell&Kern Devices

2.3 Vrms Output Level (2.5 balanced & 3.5mm single ended)

3.3 Inch WVGA (480 x 800) TFT LCD Touchscreen

Bit to Bit High-Resolution Audio Playback up to 24bit/192kHz

32bit/384kHz Supported Through Downsampling to 24bit/192kHz

5.6 MHz DSD Playback Support Through DoP (DSD - PCM Conversion)

Use the AK70 as a USB DAC

Network Playback via Wi-Fi (AK Connect)

10-Band, 0.5 dB Step Fully Customizable EQ

2,200 mAh 3.7V Li-Polymer Battery

64GB Internal Flash Memory + Single MicroSD Memory Card Support up to 256GB