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Beoplay A1 Bluetooth Speaker

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Beoplay A1 is a dust and splash resistant, ultra-portable, Bluetooth speaker with a 

built-in microphone. With unprecedented ambient 360° sound, it projects more

sound and more bass straight into your life. You can take it with you anywhere.




Packing a punch well beyond its weight and size, Beoplay A1 has ambient True 360 

sound €“ so the sound dispersion is great wherever you put it. And with a peak power 

of 2x140 W you won't have to huddle round it to enjoy your music.




Beoplay A1 is small enough to sit in the palm of your hand, it weighs only 600g, and

because of its shape (with no protruding buttons or legs) it is easy to store in your bag or slip into a pocket. So you can take it anywhere you go and enjoy Bang & Olufsen Signature 

Sound when you get there. 



The rounded aluminium grill is both a thing of beauty and of strength, and together with the double-moulded polymer base, it forms a strong protective shell for the components within. Cool aluminium. Warm polymer. Soft leather. Simply put, Beoplay A1 is amazing to touch and hold in your hand.



With up to 24 hours* of battery life, Beoplay A1 will still be playing long after most competitors have gone silent. And when you do eventually need to charge it, Beoplay A1™'s smart charging system will adapt charging speed to match the capacity of the USB charger you are using €“ so it will quickly be ready for the next adventure.



Beoplay A1 has a built-in microphone for making calls, and because of the rimmed design around the base of the unit, the microphone gives uniform speech sensitivity 360º around the speaker. This means that those listening at the other end of your call will be better able to recognize voices €“ no matter where the person talking is in relation to the mic.



Drivers, amps and speakers are designed and manufactured to ensure the best performance in the category, and deliver 2x140 Watts at peak power. With an audible range from 60 €“ 24,000 Hz, Beoplay A1 punches well above its weight.


Bass extension is greater than you'd imagine for something so small. Armed with a new aluminium core sub-woofer, a powerful magnetic system and amps it can deliver a full range with great character even at at low frequency levels (down to 60Hz).





  Bluetooth 4.2, ADK 4.0 for wireless connection

  Truly portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls. Weighs only 600 g.

  More sound. More bass. Peak power of 2x140 W.

  Keeps on playing. Up to 24 hours at normal volume levels.

  Built-in microphone for making calls

  All aluminium dome. Dust and splash resistant.





Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, ADK 4.0


Connections: 1x 3.5mm Mini-Jack, 1x USB-C for charging (Up to 3A) & speaker phone


Dimensions: 4.8 H cm x 13.3 D cm



Weight: 0.6 kg


Power Amplifier: 2 x 30W Class D for woofer and tweeter 2 x 140W peak power


Frequency Range: 60 - 24.000Hz




€¢ Built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery


€¢ Up to 24 hours of playtime at moderate listening levels


€¢ Charging time: 2.5 hours at 5V €“ 3A charging


On-device Controls



€¢ Call / Hang up / Mute


€¢ Volume up


€¢ Volume down




€¢ On/Off


€¢ Bluetooth


Stereo Pairing


Wireless stereo pairing to wireless connect two Beoplay A1 speakers.





· Beoplay A1 Bluetooth speaker


· USB-C to USB-A cable


· Quick start guide







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