STAX SRS-007 MK2 System

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Why are we so insistent on electrostatic speakers? Well, first of all, there™'s the question of sound quality.

But a particular sound isn't yet a wave motion of the air; it doesn't yet get the eardrums vibrating. But a created sound about to come into being does the rounds of the neurons and the synapses. It dances around loftily or stealthily in the cranial universe of the composer or the performer. STAX earspeakers trace this sound. The method employed in this connection has to be electrostatic, because delicate sounds must not get lost. Delicate sounds are important elements of textural recreation. The main issue faced by pure audio is its re-creativity capacity. The question is how to convert the delicate opening wave patterns that determine tonal quality faithfully into air vibrations. This is the principal merit of electrostatic speakers. This is the only system that has the potential to recreate the most minute nuances with complete accuracy. SR-007 MK2 is the flagship model that aims to achieve the peak among STAX electrostatic speakers. They possess strong drive power in respect to the diaphragm due to the provision of an area in which there are no holes whatsoever on the outer ring of the electrodes (fixed poles) that were completed after an extended process of design and productions of prototypes. They succeed to the new generation units that realize a high degree of linearity in the aperture area. After attachment to a thick insulated resin case, they are fixed to a strong aluminum machined enclosure and shut out unwanted vibration. The cable is designed with the most appropriate structure for transmitting signals to the electrostatic transducer, and use is made of STAX original cables employing high-purity PC-OCC conductors that achieve outstanding sound quality due to their extreme thickness and low capacity. The new product SR-007 MK2 features improvements to the connecting area between the unit and the cable and achieves further improvements in transmission capacity and reliability. The mechanism unique to the SR-007 series whereby the enclosure and the ear pads rotate independently of one another makes it possible to achieve a positioning that exactly fits the ear shape of each individual listener. Where do the music of the spheres and the vibration of the cosmos begin and end?

Setting a section without any holes whatsoever on the perimeter of the electrodes makes it possible to achieve a deeper and more dynamic expressive capacity. There is strong drive power in respect to the diaphragm, and a high degree of linearity is achieved in the opening section too.

As is the case with ordinary speaker systems, the sturdiness of the enclosure is important for earspeakers. After enclosing the sound-producing unit in a thick insulated resin case, it is fixed to a solid metal enclosure. All unnecessary vibration is excluded.

A structure is adopted whereby the enclosure and the earpads are able to rotate independently. This enables positioning that exactly fits the shape of the ears.

An original cable developed with the aim of achieving an even higher level of reproduction is provided.

The conductors make use of high-purity PC-OCC. Outstandingly high sound quality is achieved through the extreme thickness and wide and low capacity.


Specifications of SR-007MK2 Electrostatic Earspeakers

 — Type: Push-pull electrostatic open-air type headphone

 — Frequency response : 6 to 41,000 Hz

 — Impedance : 170 KΩ (at f = 10 KHz)

 — Capacitance : 94pF (including cable)

 — Sensitivity : 100 dB / 100 V r.m.s. at f = 1 KHz

 — Bias voltage : 580 V / DC

 — Left & Right Channel identifications :

   Left (L) and Right (R) indicators are provided at the cable en trance points on the Earspeakers. The left channel cable is marked with a solid Line. The right channel is marked with a dotted Line.

 — Ear pads : Real leather (Lamb) used on a part coming into contact with the skin. High-quality leather used for the surrounding part.

 — Cable : 2.5m, PC-OCC, wide, low capacitance cable

 — Weight : 365 g (Body) , 512g (Including cable)

 — Operating temperature range: 0 to 35

 — Humidity range for use: Less than 90% (without condensation) 


Quality is the demand as music gives wings to the mind and makes your ambiance better. The STAX SRM-007t MK2 is the finest amplifier for professional and personal use. It comes with an electrostatic condenser type system to offer high level of accuracy and is produces equidistant sound.

Quintessential Sound Quality


The Latest Stax SRM -007t MK2 offers excellent deep sound system which is developed by STAX engineers. Ultra-light polymer film offers unprecedented response and a high degree of resolution. Since it is driven on all sides, there is completely no partitioned vibration that also aid in no phase distortion.


Unmatched Frequency Response


The STAX SRM -007t MK2 is integrated with latest improvisation in the frequency response DC-100 KHz / +0, -1.5 dB SR-007 or SR-404 so that new audio formats like SACD and DVD-A can be accommodated for better user-experience.


Output and Input stage


A convenient two-stage amplifier configuration has been made possible to produce transparent and clear sound with the help of high voltage dual triode tube 6FQ7(6CG7). The SRM-007t 2 is a tube-based amp with one XLR (balance) input system and two RCA unbalanced inputs. One provides a loop output. Two headphone outputs on the front panel are joined to the input selector and volume knob with separate controls for the right and left channels.


Balanced Amplifier


The electrostatic transducer is run by electrodes which are set on both sides of the diaphragm to carry push pull signal. For enjoying unique replay balance transmission the replay system allows you muffled free music without the need of passing it through a transformer.

Vacuum Tube: 4 (6FQ7 / 6CG7)
Frequency Response: DC to 100,000Hz +0,-1.5dB w/ SR-007 or SR-404
High Harmonic Distortion: Max. 0.02% (with 1kHz, 100V r.m.s. )
Gain: 54dB (x500)
Input Terminal: 3 ( XLR x 1, RCA x 2) with 1 RCA parallel out
Rated Input Level: 200mV / 100V Outputs
Max. Input Level: 30V r.m.s. at min. volume
Input Impedance: 50Kohm, 50kohm x 2 during balance
Max. Output Voltage: 340V r.m.s. (1kHz)
Standard Bias Voltage: PRO 580V x 2
Power Voltage Frequency: 117V (50Hz / 60Hz)
Power Consumption: 55W
Temperature & Humidity: 0 to 35ºC / 90% max. without condensation
Dimensions: 7.7 (W) x 4.1 (H) x 16.5 (D) in
Weight: 10.4lbs


NOTE: Stax drivers are manufactured specifically for our market and are 240V/50Hz spec, not 220V or switchable. All Stax products are shipped to Australia, listing the Australian Distributor identification and warranty is only valid here for products purchased here.