1MORE Dual Driver LTNG ANC

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1MORE goes one step further than appealing melodies with the Dual-Driver LTNG ANC In-Ear Headphone. The self-developed digital interface active noise reduction technology ensures that you will have a rich, pure sound even in a noisy environment. When you're exposed to a crowded public transportation, noisy street or loud spoken meeting room, simply press the button on the control lightly to turn on active noise reduction. It will effectively eliminate noise, let the music flow peacefully.

Thanks to lightning two-way connector interface, it supplies power to both equipment and noise reduction modules. Because of this, the active noise reduction chip does not require additional batteries like some other noise cancelling earphones. This makes the Dual-Driver LTNG ANC extremely light.

Suitable for various daily scenario noise reduction For aviation, subway, bus, street, outdoor and other occasions. One button noise reduction.

  • Lightning Digital Audio Technology presents High-Definition listening experience
  • In-house R&D active noise reduction technology that is suitable for various scenario
  • Japan Audio Society Hi-Res Audio certified
  • Tuned by Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer
  • Smart UID recognition & Smart EQ music function