Centrance DACmini CX

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DACmini© CX is not just a USB D/A Converter. DACmini CX is one of the world's highest-performing digital audio devices. Its precision-engineered audiophile circuitry is designed to elevate your system's sound quality to a new level. Featuring 192kHz/24-bit performance over SPDIF and 96kHz/24-bit, driverless connectivity over USB, an analogue input, and both headphone and line-level outputs, DACmini is an extremely flexible device that can upgrade the sound quality of any audio system. It easily connects to such sources as a Mac desktop or laptop (including Mac mini),Windows desktop or laptop, music server, iPod/iPhone, Apple TV, Airport Express, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3/4, and Squeezebox, to name just a few, providing a variety of ways to create an audiophile playback system. 

DACmini is designed to be the centrepiece of your digital audio system. It returns the warmth to your digital audio without being obtrusive. Our customers describe DACmini's sound as having "Transparent highs, tight bass, and clarity in the mid-range only found in products well above the $1000 price range." DACmini is also a versatile home audio hub, featuring a line-level input for your portable music player, an S/PDIF input for your digital sources, and a Class-A Headphone Amplifier that can drive virtually any headphones with lowest distortion. Placed near your computer monitor, it becomes the centre of your desktop audio system. 

DACmini is styled to stack perfectly with an Apple Mac mini, making for an exceptional small-footprint music server. However, connectivity is not limited to Mac. DACmini works with Windows and iPad just as well. Improving upon our successful portable DACport and featuring our amazing1 USB audio technology, DACmini is a perfect way to listen to High Definition music at home.

  • Driverless USB implementation featuring full 24/96 resolution
  • Virtually unmeasurable jitter, for amazing clarity and definition 
  • Exceptional noise immunity via a galvanically-isolated design
  • Headphone amplifier offers clarity, soundstage and no listening fatigue
  • Machined aluminium chassis looks great on a desktop or equipment shelf